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Welcome to Helvetia Tavern

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The historic Helvetia Tavern is located in the rich, rolling farmlands north of Sunset Highway (U.S. 26) and south of the Tualatin Mountains. Our charming, unincorporated community was named by Swiss immigrants in the 19th century, and Helvetia is home to numerous Century Farms and historical landmarks. Helvetia Tavern began as a gas and grocery built in 1922, with the tavern opening the day that Prohibition ended.

Our rustic charm and signature burgers have been drawing crowds of visitors, regulars, and locals to the Helvetia Tavern for decades. A scenic drive just minutes north Hillsboro’s biggest tech companies brings you to the home of the Jumbo Burger.

Helvetia Tavern Reviews

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"Awesome burgers.. Really liked the place..."

"On a plane in two hours for a weekend on the O-coast, commencing the adventure with a stop at Helvetia. Can't wait!"

"Best burgers EVER!!!"

"Just saw your Tavern on a episode of Grimm, thought so cool"

"I <3 Helvetia Tavern! Sometimes the service is slow, but when it's a full house that shouldn't come as a surprise."

"We had a wonderful lunch today. Delicious cheeseburgers, delicious onion rings. Good beer and ice tea. Great service at a great price!"


(Had to shout that out.) I have been coming here now and then for decades. Always super friendly service, great, casual, comfortable, country atmosphere, and the food is out of sight!

I always leave nice tips, because I feel so good afterward. Truly one of the great places to relax and enjoy a cool beer and great tasting burger (Fish and chips are excellent too).


"it so good"

"First time visitors, twin one year olds and a dog came too. Staff was great, food great and setting great. Had a great afternoon and can't wait to return!"